Can't decide which color? Order a swatch kit! Each kit will come with all the current inventory colors to pick from. Along with a detailed description of the type of leather each swatch is and suggest the best styles for each color/what is currently available.

Swatch Kit

  • Swatch kits are shipped within 3-4 business days

  •  Leather hides come in many different colors, textures, finishes, & weights. Proper care instructions will arrive with your item to help protect it for years to come. You can also read up on the different types of leather I carry at the Leather 101 page.


    Unique hides: colors and marbling effects will differ somewhat from item to item, which helps make each item unique and one of a kind. Items may have unique markings from the previous life of the hide. These imperfections are intentionally showcased and appreciated. These imperfections do not affect the quality, or condition of the leather pieces. 

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