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Hey & Welcome to my shop 


I design and make everything in the DUNOLE line. I have always had a passion and curiosity about design from a very young age. I didn’t draw trees and cars when I was a little girl; I drew dresses, handbags, and shoes! I let my imagination run wild with new creations. As I got older my passion turned into ‘how can I actually make these pieces that I draw?’.  A degree in fashion design and corporate fashion design jobs followed, but I felt like I had lost something along the way. I was happy designing; it was the only thing I'd ever wanted to do, but I didn’t want to participate in the overconsumption of fast fashion any longer. I wanted to slow down; make pieces that lasted. Made of quality material and could be staples in a wardrobe that people would pick up time and time again. I soon got that opportunity to take a chance and in 2015 I jumped in with both feet & created my first line of Handcrafted American Handbags. I worked tirelessly on the function, durability, and fashionable aesthetic of being timeless but also unique.

Today, its still the same. DUNOLE will never be a fast fashion brand. Each piece will be made by hand with attention to the details; not the clock on the wall. You may have to wait sometimes because the beauty in the work will never be rushed & the quality in the materials will never be compromised, because made to last means something here.

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